Are you experiencing any of these?

Symptoms of illness such as Headaches, Watery Eyes, Sneezing, Asthma Attacks, Rashes

Dust and Dirt puffing out from an air duct

Or your Electricity Bills have increased recently

The solution to all these problems is Dryer Vent Cleaning


Most Professional and Top Rated Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Iairductcleaning uses the best cleaning method and equipment for dryer vent cleaning. Cleaning dryer vents can help homeowners to get better performance from their dryers, reduce their electricity bills and reduce the chances of dryer fire hazards.

Why is dryer vent cleaning important?

  • The US Fire Administration Reports shows that there are more than 12,700 clothes dryer fires annually, which results in 15 deaths and 300 injuries each year. The main reason behind these clothes dryer fires in residential buildings is “Failure to clean dryer vents”.
  • A clear dryer vent will improve energy efficiency, allow clothes to dry more quickly, and will lower electricity bills.
  • Clean dryer vents save time it takes to dry a load of laundry.
  •  Getting your dryer vents clean reduces the occurrence of mold, fungi, and bacteria inside your home, helping you in reducing health risks.
  • Iairductcleaning technicians clean both the inside and outside portions of the vent.
  • We can help prevent the possibility of lint fires in the home with professional dryer vent cleaning service.

Signs That Your Dryer vents Needs Professional Cleaning service

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call Iairductcleaning to clean and service your dryer vents.

  • Clothing does not dry completely and takes longer to dry clothes.
  • Clothing feels unusually hot after a complete drying cycle.
  • Dryer gets very hot to touch during a cycle.
  • A smoky odor in the laundry room when the dryer is running.
  • Clothes smell musty immediately after a drying cycle.

Trust the experts at Iairductcleaning

Professional Dryer vent cleaning is “Simple & Quick” with Iairductcleaning!

Iairductcleaning professionals will do a complete inspection of your dryer vents efficiency and safety, after inspection, they will remove all lint, dirt, and debris from both the inside and outside portions of your dryer vents.

Not only will our team remove all of the lint build-ups, but the birds and rodents nests and will take the mess with them!

How we clean your dryer vents to reduce fire risk

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Measurements
  3. Remove the Lint Trap Filter From Dryer and Clean It
  4. Vacuum Lint Trap Housing Cavity
  5. Debris & Clog Removal
  6. Disconnect Sections of Dryer Vent
  7. Insert and Rotate Dryer Duct Brush into Ducting
  8. Finally clean dryer vents

Schedule complete dryer vent cleaning with Iairductcleaning

The best and easy way to keep your dryer vents clean is to have certified professionals at Iairductcleaning service your vents regularly.

Proper maintenance and regular airflow checks ensure your dryer unit is working safely and with efficiency. A clean dryer vent is also more energy efficient, so regular cleanings can save you money.

Call Iairductcleaning today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning with our professionally trained technicians!  You can also call to get an online estimate.

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