Are you experiencing any of these?

Symptoms of illness such as Headaches, Watery Eyes, Sneezing, Asthma Attacks, Rashes

Dust and Dirt puffing out from an air duct

Or your Electricity Bills have increased recently

The solution to all these problems is Air Duct Sealing


Most Professional and Top Rated Professional Air Duct Sealing Company

Iairductcleaning uses the best cleaning method and equipments for air duct sealing. Properly sealed and well-designed duct system can make your home more energy efficient safer and comfortable.

Why is Air Duct Sealing important?

  • Indoor air quality can be affected by duct leaks, therefore professional air duct sealing is important
  • Ductwork plays an important role in your home by delivering conditioned air to every room. If your ducts are leaking, either because of deterioration over time or shoddy installation, a lot of that cooled or heated air won’t reach its destination.
  • Often, when ducts leak, unbalanced air pressure can result in dirty air being sucked into the ductwork as the ducts run through unconditioned areas such as crawl spaces, basements, attics and wall cavities. That dirty air gets circulated into the home, potentially triggering or exacerbating allergies and other respiratory disorders in vulnerable family members.

Signs That Your Dryer vents Needs Professional Sealing service

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call Iairductcleaning to seal and service your dryer vents.

  • Poor comfort – if yu feel your air stuffy and certain rooms difficult to cool? Leaking ducts could be spilling your costly cold air into the great outdoors. You may believe that the problem is simply your particular floor plan. The true culprit may be poor duct connections.
  • Low air quality — Compromised connections can pull in outdoor air as well. If you store chemicals such as paint thinner, fertilizers or pesticides in the basement, those fumes may be mixing with the air inside your home.
  • Hazardous back drafting — Backdrafting is a problem that greatly reduces indoor air quality as well. Vented appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers and gas furnaces are designed to vent fumes to the outside. As those fumes are sent outdoors, instead of totally dispersing away from the home, your leaky ducts could be pulling some of the fumes back into your home. When ductwork is leaking air, it can be downright dangerous as well as costly.
  • High energy bills — Look at your utility bills. Do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from your heating and cooling system? Even though fuel and electrical costs may be high, when ductwork is leaking air, it only adds to an ever-increasing energy bill. Between high energy costs and your ducts spilling precious air that you’ve paid for into the great outdoors, your wallet is likely feeling the squeeze.
  • A dusty home — The fact is, in Texas there’s going to be dust. However, collapsed, broken and leaky ductwork can pick up fine particles and distribute them into your home. Dust happens. But if your home seems excessively dusty, the problem may be in your leaking ductwork.

Trust the experts at Iairductcleaning

Professional air duct sealing is “Simple & Quick” with Iairductcleaning!

Iairductcleaning professionals will do a complete inspection of your dryer vents efficiency and safety, after inspection, they will seal the air duct from both the inside and outside portions of your dryer vents.

Not only will our team remove all of the lint build-ups, but the birds and rodents nests and will take the mess with them!

How we seal your dryer vents to reduce energy bills

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Measurements
  3. Remove the Lint Trap Filter From Dryer and Clean It
  4. Vacuum Lint Trap Housing Cavity
  5. Debris & Clog Removal
  6. Finally seal dryer vents

Schedule complete dryer vent cleaning with Iairductcleaning

The best and easy way to keep your dryer vents sealed is to have certified professionals at Iairductcleaning service your vents regularly.

Proper maintenance and regular airflow checks ensure your dryer unit is working safely and with efficiency. A sealed dryer vent is also more energy efficient, so air duct sealing can save you money.

Call Iairductcleaning today to schedule a dryer vent sealing with our professionally trained technicians!  You can also call to get an online estimate.

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