Are you experiencing any of these?

Symptoms of illness such as Headaches, Watery Eyes, Sneezing, Asthma Attacks, Rashes

Dust and Dirt puffing out from an air duct

Or your Electricity Bills have increased recently

The solution to all these problems is Air Duct Cleaning


Professional and Top Rated Air Duct Cleaning Dallas Company

Breathe Fresh Air & Stay Healthy

Your home’s heating and cooling system is most valuable for your ability to enjoy a comfortable and safe lifestyle while you are indoors.

As you know, most heating and cooling systems manage indoor climates by way of air forced through a duct system. That being said, it is crucial that your ducts are regularly cleaned.

This is because as whether your HVAC unit is running or not, your air ducts will as is in most cases accumulate dirt, mold growth, dust, debris, and other indoor air contaminants.

At IAirDuctCleaning it is the duty of our professional cleaners to help you in getting rid of these contaminants, which if left to build up for long will gradually reduce your HVAC’s efficiency and life and will increase your electricity bills.

Your air ducts live longer with IAirDuctCleaning service

Your air ducts live longer with IAirDuctCleaning Air Duct Cleaning Dallas Service

IAirDuctCleaning will make you air ducts as clean as possible because we know and fully understand that “clean air ducts means that your family is breathing clean air”.

Call us at +1 844-329-3234 and our Dallas duct cleaning team will be happy to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience

Why we are the Best Dallas Air duct Cleaning Services

  • We have over 20 years of experience in air duct cleaning service
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our company is an NADCA certified company
  • We have A+BBB rating
  • Our professionally trained technicians assess your need and examine the air ducts
  • We provide you an accurate and free estimate
  • We have built our business and good will on the principles of professionalism
  • We have hundreds of positive and satisfied reviews online
  • We provide quality work, top technicians, accurate estimates and strict deadlines
  • Our team have varied set of skills, meaning every aspect of your requirement including air duct inspection, air duct cleaning; dryer vent cleaning can be completed by one of our team members
  • We offer FREE in home inspection and free project estimates online

Steps we perform in Air Duct cleaning

  •  We arrive with everything we need to do the job perfectly
  • Open all access ports and doors to allow entire system to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected
  • Surface cleaning all registers and grills in your home
  • Use high-performance vacuum which will exhaust particles outside of the home
  • All the main supply and return ducts are properly cleaned
  • All branch run trunk lines are cleaned
  • A-coil cleaning
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Air filters are cleaned with natural cleaning products
  • We thoroughly vacuum in and around each register
  • Registers are replaced where necessary
  • Seal all cover plates
  • All access holes are sealed
  • We offer dryer vent cleaning to reduce the risk of residential fires
  • All work is performed by IAirDuctCleaning employees


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How much does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Typically duct cleaning takes two to six hours, but it depends on the numbers of ducts in your home if you have a large house with lots of ducts it can last for 2 days also. So Duct cleaning cost varies as per the requirement.

On average, we help homeowners save over 25% off previous bids. We accomplish this by being an owner-operated business. We’ve cut out the middleman between the suppliers and contractors, meaning that you will receive high-quality renovations for 75% of the cost.

Additionally, we offer you with a free online estimate, which will not change unless the client adds additional services.

We have the experience in Air Duct Cleaning Dallas Tx

When you hire independent contractors, they are typically younger men who are trying to fend for themselves and make a quick buck on the side. While they may be talented, energetic, and (of course) cheap, you can’t always trust that they have the experience it takes to complete projects effectively.

With IAirDuctCleaning, you work directly with the company owners who have 20+ years in air duct cleaning experience. At one point, they were those young air duct cleaners, and they have already “learned from their mistakes” which means that you don’t have to worry.

Offering Free Estimates

We want you to know what to expect before bringing our experts into work on your appliance. That’s why we offer upfront, free online estimates for all air duct cleaning services. You can trust our team to operate with integrity and maintain a clean workspace as they clean your appliance.

Call us at +1 844-329-3234

+1 844-329-3234

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